Three Reasons ECOMR Platforms Should Integrate SSL

Three Reasons ECOMR Platforms Should Integrate SSL|Integrate SSL|Theamangupta|Theamangupta

When SSL was first developed, it was a security protocol, mostly about IT professionals. Make Website Search Rankings one of the key solutions. It is now a powerful marketing tool to be included in every website! Three Reasons ECOMR Platforms Should Integrate SSL.

With this in mind, it makes sense for website builders, eCommerce platform providers, and other cloud-based service providers. This is to start offering SSL as a value-added service directly to their customers.

Let’s see how building SSL on your service can help you and your customers:

1. Improve your business model with SSL

Conversions are directly affected by the credibility factor of the webpage. Connecting credibility and trust to achieve greater conversions is a direct relationship. If the website visitor cannot decide whether to trust the webpage. The site owners will lose visitors, conversions, and the entire business. Implementing its security on web pages assures visitors that web pages and transactions are secure and helps build trust.

Integrating SSL into your offering will make it easier for your customers to enable HTTP by default on your sites to increase visitor trust and conversion rates. Global Signal recently conducted a study that found that 84% of consumers would abandon a purchase if they sent data over an insecure connection. Customer distrust is increasing year by year with the number of online threats and phishing attacks. Security is no longer good. This is a must in today’s digital economy. Online services should promote this and security indicators to build customer confidence – your business depends on it.

2. Increase your customer search rankings by SSL

Want to give your customers the ability to increase their search rankings? It ended two years ago when Google first announced the use of HTTPS as a ranking signal promoting all sites to store visitor information with SSL certificates. What’s more, Google has promoted the “HTTPS Everywhere” initiative to issue SSL certificates, regardless of whether the website collects personal information or not, which is a new concept to many marketers.

Ranking signals with SSL

Since we know that SSL can help increase visitor trust on web pages and that visitor trust directly affects conversion rates, bounce rates, and time spent on the page, launching this certificate on websites can help SEO increase ranking based on user behavior results. Information.

Searchmetrics, a leading search, and content display platform have had an impact on the analysis and ranking of SSLs. The study found that sites with SSL certifications have a positive impact on SEO visibility and a positive return. The analysis also looked at specific domains and simultaneously concluded that domains could achieve SEO visibility from SSL encryption.

3. Take advantage of the competition

It is clear that SSL certifications provide a positive user experience and help boost conversions, and so many cloud-based service providers have already started offering them as add-on options or recommended by third-party vendors. However, you can reap significant benefits by not only adding SSL to your service but also integrating it seamlessly. Three Reasons ECOMR Platforms Should Integrate SSL are discussed in this discussion.

To integrate SSL your customers need to understand how to order, install, configure and manage servers for servers. You offer all the benefits of SSL to your customers, but without the technical burden, so they are free to focus on growing their business.

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Another benefit of integrating instead of bundling is that you have to keep your customers on your platform so you have complete control over their customer experience. Your customers do not have to worry about leaving your service contact or setting up another account with the SSL vendor. You will be able to provide everything you need for your website or online store.


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