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If you missed the fundamentals and want to learn the basics, I recommend you check out this blog article. Now that we have covered the basics, we can continue with this interesting initiative – the real benefits of this initiative and technology. Benefits Of Mobile Connect is our topic of discussion.


There are three different participants in a typical mobile connect scenario. The end-user who is trying to use the web-based application and has a user-connected mobile device and subscription (phone number).
The application itself (or the use of other terms – depending on the party or service provider).
Trusted third-party, mobile network operator.

Do you have a token issued by the bank to create a bar password?

Have you noticed that it is always in the wrong place? Do you reuse your password on many sites? Have you seen how hackers can access credentials from Breach and use them to log in to accounts on other services? Have you tried to use your EID card issued to you by your local government and are frustrated with card reader issues, not to mention the fact that in practice you can only use it at home? Did you clear your browser cache and find that half of the sites you visit again and again forget your password and are suddenly in the password reset hell?

Mobile connectivity is convenient for the user.

This is the biggest benefit to the end-user. An authentication device is a mobile device. People forget their wallets and leave their mobile phones at home more than they forget. It travels easily. It works worldwide. Clicking “OK” for the Mobile Connect specification supports a variety of biometrics + PKI authentication options. It can use the SIM card for the feature phone or you can put the app on your phone. Benefits Of Mobile Connect are helpful.

Convenience and security also work for the service provider. If the visitor can easily register and use their mobile phone for verification upon return, the result will be higher conversions and more frequent return customers.

Another major benefit to the consumer is the global and federal nature. The Mobile Connect user can register online services on the other side of the world with the identity issued by their home operator. This is especially useful when using large multinational sites or when you are traveling and want to use local services.

 Application (Service Provider)

Online service providers should stay away from passwords. This has been clear for a long time. Since Mobile Connect is the global and federal way of authenticating the user, it is the best option to replace the password method on your online services for end-user authentication.

Compared to Google, Facebook, or other broad-based social media identities, for example, the actual identity behind the online service authentication may be highly dependent, as the identity and potential features come from the mobile network operator based on the membership information. . It is based on the principle of “design by privacy” based on the new General Data Protection Regulation.

One of the major problems with online services is conversion –

How to turn a random visitor into a customer. The biggest reason for the high dropout rate is the need for registration. GSMA is introducing a new product called Mobile Connect Signup that is responsible for the Mobile Connect standard. This allows visitors to easily register for online services using only the phone number – the required attributes, such as name, address, etc., come automatically from the operator and are delivered to the online service with the consent of the specific and active user. As. GDPR requirements.

User credentials are stored on the Mobile.

The service provider is not in the database and not in the mobile network operator repository. This is one of the Benefits Of Mobile Connect. This way we go towards the so-called security of the gunpoint – i.e. the criminal has to hold a gun to steal your identity, can you hand over stating that you can be very kind and keep your mobile phone with me? … and your zip code, please? If you have nothing good to do, can you go to my den with me, where we can do bad things online because I need your fingerprint? I’ll buy you a beer later – with your money. “

Mobile network operator

Identity is an asset. The inherent identity features of online services are valuable. Authentication services can be sold online. Features are a part of helping online services make visitors (such as mobile connected sign-ups) better.

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