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Hello Everyone. In the covid period short videos apps are quite very popular among the users. Even many of the users became celebrities just by making short videos. Let’s discuss some Short Video Making Apps.

Shorts videos are gaining so much attention because no one wants to spend their so much time on a particular topic. They want to gain knowledge more in less time that’s why everyone is moving towards the short videos. Short video making is not a hard job to do. You don’t need to be a professional editor to use short video-making apps.

There are so many platforms having the same function.

Here I select some sort video apps for you:–

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 Instagram reels 

Instagram reels is a platform where you can share your thoughts, ideas, photos and also increase your business through this platform. After the addition of short videos in Instagram user use it for creating fun videos, motivational, education. So, Instagram reels is a very good and popular platform for starting your social media account.

 YouTube Shorts

YouTube is a world-wide famous platform for its long-duration videos. Here users make their channels, upload their videos and earn money, gain respect and popularity. Now, YouTube adds a short video column called YouTube shorts. You can see it on the home page of YouTube. The length of the YouTube shorts is 1 minute.

 Moj: Short Video App

Moj is an online short video making platform, here you can watch trendy videos, like them, comment them . You can also create your own videos (there is no copyright issue) and make your followers and became famous online. 

This app features are very satisfactory, it has various filter and stickers which you can use to make your video attractive and beautiful, even you can share the videos of moj app to your WhatsApp status or your any friend and relative. 

 MX Taka Tak

MX Taka Tak was launch after the ban of Tik Tok in India and now it became one of the most famous short video app.

This app is similar to features like moj, Tik Tok, josh but it has some extra features which make it different and popular from other that is you can recreate any scene that you like from any movie and users can use dubbed of dialogue of any movie or of drama. 


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Facebook short videos

Facebook also debuted Short Videos, a new short video tool. It’s a Facebook app function that shows up on users’ screens at random. Facebook Short Videos is only available in the app; the lite and web versions of Facebook do not have it. Like Instagram reels and YouTube shorts, facbook have also added Facebook short videos .

Advantages of Short Video Apps:

  • These apps don’t require you to be a nerd to utilise them. As a result, these apps have a large user base. It does not necessitate extensive planning or hefty production costs. So, whether you’re a billionaire or a street vendor, you may use it to generate your own unique video.
  • They can also be used to produce original content. Among these, humour takes the lead. When you add in the element of humour, the percentages of sharing skyrocket. Videos depicting societal moral ideals and addressing societal issues are also a common theme used by corporations to advertise themselves.
  • The audience in the future market has a shorter attention span and consumes more content. This group of people has access to short video platforms. While creative and relevant material for these videos is required, they will assist brands in reaching a broader audience through internet marketing.

Disadvantages of Short Video apps-

  • One of the biggest disadvantages of short video-making apps is that if you start using these apps once then you can say you get addicted to them and every time you thought that one is the last video then the same to another one, this is the last but the reality is that the last never comes and the bitter truth is that we waste our most precocious time on doing nothing.
  • Kids are becoming addicted to this app’s overuse as it hosts more and more content. The Tiktok app has evolved into a video database, attracting users of all ages. Kids are more likely to be influenced by content shared on the Tiktok video app. Parents are also suffering as a result of their children’s addiction.
  • Social networking apps have evolved into a useful tool for expressing your concerns as well as open mockery. Because everyone has the right to free speech, you should think about the consequences of defaming or demeaning someone.

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