How to use Snapchat

Hello everyone. Snapchat is a mobile messaging application used to share photos, videos, text, and drawings. The software is free to download, and sending texts with it is also free. It is very popular with youngsters. How to use Snapchat?

Snapchat is a app for future generations. Its features gives a wide range to reach people and is also a great source of entertainment.

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Let’s discuss all features of Snapchat !!

Avatar: Snapchat id

Avatar is your id you can design your avatar with the already customized illustration and art provided by the app. 

It can be found on the top right of your main screen with a red icon of a human. 


The most popular feature of snapchat is snap. Meaning to take a picture. We can also make a more intriguing 60-second video snap.

The first screen you see after opening the app is the snap screen/window.

Search button in Snapchat:

The search button is just beside the red avatar icon. If you want to find trending filters this is what you need. This is our next step in How to use Snapchat.

Just click on it and find your desired filter .  

Filters in Snapchat :

Snapchat provide us with various different and interesting filters. Filters have became a necessity today. Young generations love them. New filters make them addicted to the app. 

On the screen of the snapchat app, you will see a smile button at the bottom of the screen if you click it you will find various filters.

Memories :

Memories are the button that is used to save pictures of your loved one.

It is also at the bottom just beside the smiley button . It typically looks like a scenery.


Snaps that you’d like to share with all of your Snapchat pals are called Stories. These are also the aspects of your wish that you want everyone to see.

The app keeps stories for 24 hours before deleting them. You can also download your Story to your device’s camera roll or save it to Memories if you want to save it.

Save them to Memories.

You can start your day’s tale by clicking on the avatar symbol and scrolling down the screen until you see “ADD TO MY STORY.”


If you want to talk to your friends the chat icon is just for you.  Individual and group discussions are possible using Snapchat’s version of instant messenger, Chat.

Messages disappear after they’re viewed. It is the last panel and is in the simple button of a messaging icon. 

Snap Map

Take a look at the Snap Map . Snap Map displays your current position as well as the locations of all your pals. You can also view Snaps submitted to the Snap Map from across the world. Of course, if you don’t want to share your location, you can always put yourself in Ghost Mode. We should also know this step of How to use Snapchat.

  • It is more interesting because you can see them in their own avatar.
  • The snap map button is on the most left od the last panel.
  • It is the icon similar to the google maps icon. 


A Snapstreak however tracks how many consecutive days you and a friend share Snaps. It is also a fun activity which is very amusing for the young minds .You’ll see a flame emoji next to your friend’s name, with a number indicating how many days you’ve kept the Streak going.


 It’s funny to see yourself in Disney’s movie but it’s very interesting to see yourself in gifs.

Not to be confused with the celebrity messaging app of the same name, Snapchat Cameos are animated gifs that you can customize with your face and send to friends.


Just like how celebrities make themselves shine on the red carpet this feature are for those who want to showcase themselves to the world.

Snapchat’s Spotlight feature is the place to share video content with a public audience. Like TikTok and Instagram Reels, Spotlight allows users to post 60-second videos to the app’s Spotlight section. Think of Spotlight as a place to share your best content in the hope that it goes viral.

You can find this in your avatar section.

Click on your avatar icon and go to spotlight and snapmap.

In that category you will find two options:

1. Add to spotlight 

2.My spotlight favorite 

Click on the 1st option and create your spotlight.

See who’s viewed your Story:

It is funny and important to know who is viewing you after all you connect to a lot of people on the internet so this is what you need if you want to know who viewed your story.

Tap the eye icon on any Snap within a Story to see who’s viewed it.

(Pro tip: You can only find out how many people viewed your Story while it’s live. Once it’s disappeared, so does the view tracking.)

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Snapcodes are unique QR-style codes that you can to add friends or access features and content on Snapchat. Having your own snap code is very useful in case you want to connect with someone at any moment. 

Each user is automatically assigned a Snapcode, and you can create additional Snapcodes that link to any website.

Your snapcode option is found on the avatar icon its mainly in yellow color and having your avatar’s face over it . 

Snapchat reel:

Snapchat reel shows you the spotlights of other people enjoying the app. The most trendy dance the most unique food, the most interesting fact about the world would be here not to mention its best if you are passing your time 

Its in the last panel but in the top right . its icon is very simple play button icon and you have entered the world of spotlights. 

Snapchat is one-on-one communication, You can easily interact with your followers at a personal level and show your day-in-life or behind-the-scenes information, the Snapchat share stories feature allows you to create content, and share ideas on an area of interest, and interact with other people.

You can connect and share. These apps May seem fickle but they are the combined efforts of the team behind them. Developing these apps is challenging but it’s worthwhile as they engage their audience to it.

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