How to Use CANVA Designing Tool From Beginning

How to Use CANVA Designing Tool From Beginning| Canva Designing|Tannu Rani|Theamangupta

Hello everyone!! We will discuss How to Use CANVA Designing Tool From Beginning. In modern times, especially during covid, everything is getting online. Every organization wants digital skills in their employees. Canva is the most popular graphic designing tool used by young minds. It is an online software used to create attractive posters, presentations, Instagram posts, videos, logos and many more.

Here you can create your own stories, make your own magazine, your own social media pages, documents and many many more.

How to Use CANVA Designing Tool From Beginning| Canva Designing|Tannu Rani|Theamangupta

There are following few steps to follow-

Download Canva

You can download Canva in your phone as well as laptop or computer. We will soon start How to Use CANVA Designing Tool From Beginning?

Just follow the few steps-

Canva In phone:

First you have to open the play Store and click on search button then type “Canva” from there you can download the Canva-mobile app.

In phone, Canva works well but to have a wider view of what you are designing. Many people prefer using tool in laptop . In laptop, we can work very easily . we can incoroprate many members to work on same design together.

  • Now, let’s download the Canva in the laptop 

In Laptop:-

Firstly you have to type “download Canva” in the chrome after that double tab on “download the Canva desktop app for free – Canva”.

Here you get to see the website of Canva, just click start download and after few minutes Canva will be available on your desktop.

But many times, you don’t want that your pc storage get equipped with softwares.

Don’t worry !! We have one more option !!

There is another way to use Canva without downloading, type “Canva” on chrome 

Here you only have to login yourself and then start exploring.

Online cava look like this.

How to Use CANVA Designing Tool From Beginning| Canva Designing|Tannu Rani|Theamangupta
Canva Home
  1. Here we are going to make a small poster for any school activity or college activity, after that you will ‘be able to design any advertisement poster, birthday party, any social gathering posters.

Click on create blank template

 CANVA Designing Tool From Beginning| Canva Template|Tannu Rani|Theamangupta
Blank template

A blank document is opened. You can change its size from the settings. It has templates for many options . Like presentations, magazines, e-booklets, posters, logo and so on.

Now let’s pick a templates which you like and start making it your own design poster.

Here, I pick a random template on Canva

You can pick any template according to your need. There are so many templates available in canvas software. These are educational, proposals, fun, comics, advertisement and so on.

Canva | Canva Designing|Tannu Rani|Theamangupta
Canva template 1

After selecting a random template, lets start exploration journey.

Check all the menus present on the homepage, sidebars, and top and down of your template.

You will find it amazing and interesting.

 CANVA Designing Tool From Beginning| Canva Menu|Tannu Rani|Theamangupta
check menus

While exploring, if you feel that you want to change something. You want to add some text, comics, etc. Just check and click on it. You will find that will appear on your template.

Let’s explore them one by one:


In templates, you will find different types of designs for different purposes. Scoll down to have a look on all templates. If you find any other good one than you choose, go with it . This is a very important step of How to Use CANVA Designing Tool From Beginning.

How to Use CANVA Designing Tool| Canva Designing Templates |Tannu Rani|Theamangupta


In Text column, you will find in first:

  • Add a heading
  • a subheading
  • body text
  • Some inbuilt styles of text and fonts

You can go with anything according to your need . Just click on it and enjoy the tool.


The background contains different textures, images, and sceneries for your template. You can add them with just one click on them. Background makes your design more attractive and pleasant.

Canva: Gallery / Elements

Canva also contains options to add images from your gallery. You just need to upload that in canva . After that, just use it numerous time, hardly matters!!

If you want to add emojies, cartoons, some logos, or additional stuff. Then Go to element section and find the suitable one for you. It will give a very different flavour to your template design.

The more you explore, the more you learn.

You all can make your own design and present it to any poster making contest, any webinar poster, any activity poster in the college, or any job hiring poster any many more.

Now, let’s make a video-

Like above poster now make a video by the same ways-

Click on the new blank video and search for the theme you want, like I choose “happy new year”.

Here I get to see so many theme on the happy new year, let’s select one of them and start making your own designed video.

From elements we can choose animated design and without background pictures which make our design beautiful and attractive.

If you click on the upload media you can choose any picture that you save in your desktop like some family pictures, friends or any universe, earth pictures, and then darg the picture to the video.

Photos, text, and background works same as in the poster that we just saw above.

Hope you all like this and must learn something new from this.

In the end, I just want to see that the more you do the more you learn and more your skills develop, and the more you became experienced.

For more information about designing tools: Click here

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