This article covers a simple method to record screens and share them online without installing anything. Nearly every desktop operating system has a built-in screen capture tool as well as several third-party options. There are screen recording apps that can upload recordings to a configured cloud storage or web address. But all of these must be installed on the system to work. HOW TO RECORD SCREEN, AND SHARE ONLINE WITHOUT INSTALLING ANYTHING?

Share it.  Record video 

Share it. video is a free web app that shares screen recordings online and without installing anything. It is a 1-click recorder that can record any active application window, browser tab, or the entire screen. After recording the screen, you can download it and upload it online within 1-click to get the sharing link.

When you stop recording, the app refreshes and loads the recorded video in the HTML5 player. You can view the entire recording there and use the HTML5 Player download option to save the recording to your PC. 

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Screen Recording

By pressing this button, this video is instantly uploaded to the web and you get a shared link to it. You do not even have to configure your cloud storage or platform. And if anything goes wrong, you can start recording again with the Next button to record anything next to the upload.

Wrap: Record app

Share. video is a good web app that allows users to instantly record the screen anywhere without installing anything. Being a browser app this cross-platform means that you can use it on any operating system with a modern desktop web browser. The app uploads online recordings, with no information about where it is uploaded, how safe it is, and whether there is an expiry date for the upload.

This tutorial explains how to add custom domains to free notion pages. Perception lets you create and publish rich text documents. Thanks to the free personal plan they recently released and now anyone can sign up and create and publish those documents.

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By default, Notion publishes those documents at longer URLs, but you can host them with a workaround on a custom domain if you wish. CloudFare has a very nice feature called Workers which we can use to redirect your domain to any notation page of your choice. This is easy to set up and is a free plan for both Notion and Cloudflare and all you need is a registered domain. HOW TO RECORD SCREEN, AND SHARE ONLINE WITHOUT INSTALLING ANYTHING?

Fruition is the name of the open-source script I will use here with Cloudflare Workers. After filling some parameters, create a Workers Script for you and then you are ready to go. You can also create an entire website using Notion using this functionality. Other features of this function script are: It can prefigure URLs and allows you to inject custom scripts. In a few minutes, you can add a custom domain to any Notion page which I will show how.

How to add a custom domain to a notion page for free?

I am assuming you have a Cloudflare and notion account. You must also have a working domain that you want to use for the target Notion page you have created. So, to use your domain just configure Cloudflare and you can see here how to do it. If you already have a domain set up in Cloudflare then just follow these steps.

Step 1:

Create the notion page you want to use and then copy its URL. After that, you simply go to the homepage of the fruit and then start the script creation process. Enter the notation page URL and your domain there and then copy the generated script.

this is the matter. In this way, you can easily add a custom domain to any notion page. To accomplish this, you just have to take the help of Cloudflare Workers and then prepare an awesome Fruition script.

However, I would like to mention one thing here in Cloudfare, you need to make sure that at least one A record is set up so that the domain can be resolved. For this purpose, you can just add to the A record with your domain as your destination. For more basic instructions, you can turn to the main website of the fruit and see the steps listed there.

Closing Word: Record and publish 

Dharana is a great platform where you can create, save and publish your notes and work or anything like that. And now with this great function script, you get to host all those pages on a custom domain. The script supports creating different URLs and that is why you can create an entire website using Notion. In addition to setting up a website, you can use this method to build your portfolio on the nation and add a custom domain to it.

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