Best Personal Safety Apps For Women

Hello everyone. We will discuss Best Personal Safety Apps For Women. By becoming involved in many ways, you can help gender equality and women’s empowerment throughout the world. Only women in India have the power to improve women’s safety. Women’s safety entails independence and financial stability. Women who rely less on men are better able to make educated decisions and are less likely to experience various forms of domestic violence. Women’s safety requires a sense of worth. Rights are acknowledged in safe homes, and the women there are empowered. Let’s discuss Best Personal Safety Apps For Women.

Best Personal Safety Apps For Women|Personal Safety Apps|Tannu Rani|Theamangupta
Best Personal Safety Apps For Women

1. Noonlight

The first time you might utilize it is if you’re unsure whether to dial 911 or not. Second, you can utilize it if you genuinely need assistance from the authorities and are in trouble. When you’re in a tense situation, simply press and hold the button on your Android phone. Simply push the button when you are in danger to alert the local police to your position. To get assistance, you can also SMS or phone.

2. Sheroes

You can be yourself in a safe place like SHEROES. It is one of the few social networking services that require each new user to complete an identity verification process and upload a selfie to confirm they are who they claim to be. The most popular social networking and personal app for women, SHEROES, lets users like you exchange videos and updates about their hobbies.

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3. SOS Alert

With the help of the emergency Android app SOS Alert, you can also contact your emergency contacts in a perilous scenario and let them know where you are. It is accessible to everyone. With just one tap, you may also alert your emergency contacts to your need for assistance or even send pre-stored SOS messages.

4. Microsoft Family Safety

Set suitable boundaries, also ban inappropriate apps and games, and restrict browsing to kid-friendly websites using the app’s content filtering settings. The incognito mode of Google Chrome can also be used to track websites visited. In this setting, the browsing history will still be retained. The entire family may use this software to stay safe online and offline. You can keep track of your family’s whereabouts and learn more about their driving habits by tracking their location. Even without an internet connection, location sharing functions. Let’s move to the next app of Best Personal Safety Apps For Women.

5. Guardians

You can also choose friends and family members as your guardians with the Guardian app so they will be contacted in the event of an emergency. Only your guardians may be able to see the GPS location you disclose. a carefully curated selection of our responsible, perceptive news tailored to your daily schedule. By looking for apps that transfer your personal information over the internet unencrypted, Phone Guardian secures your internet traffic. You can also use your apps with confidence knowing that your data is secure thanks to Phone Guardian’s additional layer of security.

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6. MySafetipin

My Safetipin is also a tool that can help you and other city residents feel safer. You can conduct an audit of any location in the city in terms of safety, people, public transportation, feeling, and other factors with the aid of many metrics. Also, score points for participating in the safety community and rating various parts of the city. You can also encourage your loved ones to look up and learn about the city’s safest routes.

7. 112 India

An all-in-one women’s security app called 112 India, which can be used to send an SOS warning with only a single tap in any circumstance, has also been released by the Central Government of India. In 23 states and Union Territories, the service is accessible on both iOS and Android devices. One of the greatest safety applications currently available is 112 India. The emergency alarm is sent via an audio-visual medium. You can use this program at any time because it is very effective.

8. So Secure

You can use SoSecure to find loved ones, contact ADT covertly if you feel endangered, or let us know when to check on you. You can therefore proceed with confidence whether you’re touring a new city, going for a run, going on a first date, or just going about your day.

Best Personal Safety Apps For Women|Safety Apps|Tannu Rani|Theamangupta
Women Personal Safety

9. My SafetyPin

One more of the top security applications for women is My Safetipin. This online program uses data mapping techniques to give women a sense of security in public settings. Making data accessible to consumers through technological tools and applications, seeks to make cities safer. Your loved ones will be informed if you take the wrong route. It enables you to choose the safest route.

11. bSafe

bSafe is a comprehensive safety software for women that offers a wide range of functions. It contains a bSafe alert that broadcasts your precise location and audio-video of the area to a contact you’ve already chosen. This app’s false call feature lets you pretend to be someone else to get out of a bad situation, and the timer alarm tool lets you set an automatic alarm to let someone know where you are.

12. Citizen Cop

Any resident can anonymously report crimes or illegal activity in their neighborhood by using this app. Calling the police is another option for reporting cases of lost or stolen property. The basic Citizen app is free and will remain so forever. For access to our incident coverage and to receive free safety notifications about incidents in your area, download, and use Citizen.

13. Smart 24*7

An app called Safety 24X7 assists users in calling the police by clicking the panic button. Additionally, this software offers the option of phoning a pre-selected contact. Location is supplied by SMS if GPRS is not operational. In a difficult scenario, the app sends panic notifications to emergency contacts. Amid the panic, it also records sounds and snaps pictures.

We have discussed so many apps. These apps should be aware of these important personal safety apps. Stay connected for more updates.

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