6 Apps To Play Chess Online

Hello folks. We are discussing so many technical topics. In covid time, when everyone is at home, they are passing their time playing online games. The topic of today is “Apps To Play Chess Online”.

Applications of chess make learning and playing chess a lot easier. The majority of the best chess applications on the internet allow you to play with people from all around the world. We’ll look at some of the greatest chess applications available for Android and iOS in this article. These apps are easy to install and may be found in the Google Play or Apple App Store. Let’s start our discussion on “Apps To Play Chess Online”.

6 Apps To Play Chess Online|Play Chess|Tannu Rani| Theamangupta
Apps to play chess online


Chess.com is the world’s most popular chess website, with the majority of its features available for free. Players must pay to access further features, similar to Play Magnus. You can play against the computer’s chess engine as well as play with folks from all around the world. This is the first Apps To Play Chess Online.

Unlike other chess apps, chess.com has a huge number of articles on a variety of chess topics, including opening knowledge, middlegame tactics, and endgame theory.


  • On live television, you can watch a top grandmaster play chess.
  • Play against the machine on a variety of levels.
  • Solve the daily crosswords
  • Get the most up-to-date chess information.
  • Join a chess group and discuss a variety of chess topics.
  • Invest in chess coaches.
  • Create your blog to increase your chances of ranking in Google’s search results.
  • Participate in clubs
  • Participate in tournaments to win cash prizes.

Thousands of individuals from all over the world play chess.com. You will immediately locate a game with someone at your level, whether you are a total beginner or a grandmaster.

Even can play at any speed, from a one-minute bullet to a five-minute blitz to a sixty-minute game. You can also play more casual games in which you have several days to make a decision.

Dr. Wolf- Second Apps To Play Chess Online

Available on Android and iOS.

This new chess game is appropriate for players of all skill levels, allowing you to learn the game in a fun and welcoming atmosphere. Our chess software is intended to motivate and guide a chess player from beginner to master. This is the second Apps To Play Chess Online.

He instructs while you play chess, pointing out strategic concepts and assisting with mistakes. There are also twenty-five lessons that go over each idea in-depth and provide plenty of opportunities for guided practice. Dr. Wolf is a pleasant, polite, and occasionally humorous individual.

Chess universe

Chess Universe is one of the best sites to learn and play chess online. You can play limitless chess games both online and offline here. Play chess online with your friends or compete against the top players on the leader board. Learn to play chess with the greatest tools available. This is however third Apps To Play Chess Online.

Chess Universe is distinguished from other online chess games. Indeed by its distinct design and engaging gameplay. Earn awards and jewels while learning to play chess by unlocking cool characters and chess boards. For your chess achievements, you can even get a PET. Some characteristics of our online chess game make it easier for you to play chess: clues, reversal, analysis, and match Chess with friends is one of the main features of this game. Organize a chess game with your buddies! Play social chess online with your buddies.

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Multiplayer online chess. Compete against the rest of the world on the Chess Universe global leader board and prove that you are the best. Become a chess master by advancing through the ranks.

Academy of Chess tactics, combos, and tricks are all available to learn. In our chess towers, you can also practice your chess abilities by solving puzzles.

6 Apps To Play Chess Online|Playing Chess Board|Tannu Rani| Theamangupta

Chess quests are available every day. Every day, you’ll make progress. Participate in chess competitions and get achievements.

Chess Universe is a website where you may play chess with your friends and other gamers from across the world. It’s now your turn to take the initiative. Improve your mental skills by playing chess!

The Chess Club: Next Apps To Play Chess Online

SocialChess (iOS, Android)

If Lichess or Chess.com feel too much like a chess bazaar, and you’d like a chess app with a smaller, more casual community, SocialChess (available for iOS and Android) is an excellent option. Unlike many other mobile-only chess games, this one is free of advertisements and cheesy 3D game components. This is the fourth Apps To Play Chess Online.

The game selection mechanism is clever: you can create a challenge at any game speed you want, or you can look at a graph that lets you choose open challenges based on game speed and opponent rating. You can also change the display choices to make it more obvious where you can move and where your opponent has just moved. You can acquire more features for $10 a year that you probably don’t use. need, like game analyses and the ability to play more than five games at one time.

The Trainer: Best Apps To Play Chess Online

Shredder Chess (Desktop, iOS, Android)

Chess is also a basic yet effective training tool that includes puzzles and an AI that simulates human play and adjusts its strength to match yours. Shredder Chess’s simplicity allows you to start a game or play a few puzzles within seconds of launching the software, without having to scan through menus or read through descriptions. In addition, you can play fast games right in your browser. This is indeed the fifth Apps To Play Chess Online.

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m edition. Shredder Chess Lite, the free version, has a limit of 100 puzzles. The complete version of Shredder Chess on Android costs $3.50, however, there is no free version. The paid editions of the program also come with additional features.

The Game Room: Apps To Play Chess Online

Board Game Arena (Desktop, mobile web)

Board Game Arena features online versions of just about every well-known tabletop game you can think of, in addition to chess. The chess games on the site are casual, and the competition isn’t as strong as on dedicated chess sites. This is the sixth Apps To Play Chess Online.

There’s no timer counting down the seconds you have to think before you lose. Instead, if you get distracted by real-life or another browser window, Board Game Arena simply allows your opponent to kick you out of the match. If you get weary with chess, you may however switch to one of the other 285 games available on the site.

Some of its games, such as chess, require the participation of a paying member, while the vast majority, including chess, are free.

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