Meet The Team Set To Shape The Future Of Lot Security

We’re talking about IoT security and now PKI and device recognition (literally our first “PKI” webinar for IoT back in 2014).  Meet the team set to shape the future of IoT security. Recently, you’ve seen our VP of product management in the IoT space. Lansen LaChance has been shown talking about IoT security in the automobile industry. Moreover,  how to combine PKI and TPM technologies, how to build IoT robust security, and much more.

IoT security offer

But we are not just talking to the press and preparing content about our IoT security offer. Also, Global Sign is making significant investments in IoT. By enhancing our engineering, product development, and management capabilities. As a result, our team has impacted core managed PKI technologies to deliver new products and invested in infrastructure for IoT systems.

With this, we are very pleased to announce the formation of the Global Business Development Team at GlobalSign. The team will be led by Jeff Roland, a newly formed industry veteran from the San Francisco Bay area. Steve Rollins, who has already spent 14 years in the CA industry. Has also joined the team with many of them to pave the way toward a global service provider and enterprise market. Ian Thomas recently joined the team in London, bringing 10+ years of experience in the IoT market.

Executive Vice President, Global Business Development

Jeff has played a variety of sales, marketing, and business development leadership roles in the technology industry for over 25 years. He has extensive experience in the information security marketplace for companies. Such as Identity, HP, Symantec, PGP, iPass, and Wang Laboratories, including Identity and Access Management, Managed PKI, and Encryption.

Recently Jeff EVP, Global Sales at Sideband, focused on providing analytics and machine learning solutions. This is for the start-up cybersecurity start-up enterprise industry. Jeff holds a degree in Marketing and Finance from the University of Southern Illinois. And also attended the Manchester Business School in Manchester, England.

Jeff’s words

“My goal for Global Sign and our Global Business Development Team is to be the # 1 provider of IoT Security Solutions in the marketplace. Meet The Team Set To Shape The Future Of Lot Security

Head of Global Business Development

Ian Thomas has 25 years of field sales and sales leadership experience selling sophisticated software technologies. Before joining GlobalSign, he worked with Apple, Rovi, Iona, Cognos, and Progress Software.

Most recently, he led global sales operations for Printech, a sales SVP for EMEA. And a founding member of the IIoT Platform Provider and Industrial Internet Consortium. Ian has been a major start-up recipient working on smart grids, smart cities, smart agriculture, and smart manufacturing projects.

For the past four years, he has focused on monetizing IoT / IIoT technologies by implementing a proven business development approach. Which he calls Business Value Engineering, which works closely with key stakeholders. This is to provide board-ready business justification. Ian is well-positioned to help companies change their business model to embrace this IoT / IIoT opportunity.

Words from Ian:

“Industrial Internet (IIoT) represents an important market opportunity for the Global Sign. Moreover, Determining the value that we can bring to our customers is our biggest challenge. But it is also the biggest opportunity for us. Brings benefits. More than 61% of IIoT spending is on non-IT sales.

The risk of selling any mainstream technology is the product of the product. In a broader sense, the more complex the technology, the less often the application is in stock. And the easier it is for price pressures to hide its value.

The general price list model is difficult to protect without clarifying the commercial value. Therefore, quantitative growth, cost, and risky business cases. These should create together with the customer with quantitatively favorable NPVs submitted as a result of sales growth.

Steve’s words

“After the millennium, many companies are asking ‘next year is the PKI year?’ This question became somewhat ridiculous in the mid-2000s and we saw that this question was asked less frequently at the end of the decade because many people did not realize that PKI came about in secret. Not only is it energizing, but it is also the default standard for safety and spacing.

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