How To Market And Sell Using Live Webinars?

Webinars can have a huge impact on your brand awareness. They are also in the major leagues when it comes to showcasing products and services and they are important when you want to sell and market things. What makes them great, is that you can use them to sell anything and build an actual webinar empire. we will discuss How To Market And Sell Using Live Webinars.

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How To Market And Sell Using Live Webinars?

Add Value to Your Webinar

Webinars are a great way to add extra value to your product, or service before you tell your customers to buy it and that’s what every live webinar should be about. Adding value is also a great way to gain more customers, as you may face pre-sale objections. This is why webinars with valuable content sell incredibly well. Let’s begin with How To Market And Sell Using Live Webinars?

Change your mindset toward success

There are a lot of people who earned millions by running webinar promos. One of them was Amy Porterfield, who earned a large amount of money by promoting her online courses. What was the secret to his success? Over the years, Amy kept telling herself one thing:

No matter whether they buy or not, they feel excited, motivated, and inspired to take action today.

The mindset you must hold before running each event. Forget about the sales pitch! If you dig into webinar statistics, you may find that sales presentations are not very important. According to Redtalk, 20% to 40% of viewers become qualified leads. Need more facts?

Join the elite of webinar presenters

The figures are becoming even more impressive when it comes to real examples. Eileen Harris, an online marketing coach runs webinars with a 20% conversion rate. We know what you can think –

Success is reserved for experienced players only. But here’s another example – John Micheloundes earned over $ 20,000 a month from his first online course, which took him only six months.

To get similar results you need to start thinking about webinars as a whole system, including educating, negotiating, and helping you achieve your business goals, as well as your events. Successfully promoting is also included.

Start promoting your webinar like a boss

When is the best time to start promoting your webinars? The optimal time is 7 to 10 days before your events. Your goal is to reach a wide audience, but do not invite people randomly. Find your target audience – Reach users craving for knowledge, which you can provide with your lectures.

Start by writing teaser posts on your social media channels, join Facebook groups where you are likely to find potential customers, and inform them about upcoming webinars. Reach out to people like you — bloggers, influencers, or entrepreneurs — and ask them to help promote your event.

Make sure you nail your email marketing strategy

Create a killer registration page and create a pre-webinar email campaign. Remember to send reminders to arouse anticipation and excitement. When running your campaigns, keep in mind that you are writing a story that leads registrants to your webinar.

Therefore you should focus on creating an attractive registration confirmation email. Assure registrants that they will gain a lot by joining your event and be sure to promote engagement before the webinar. For example, you can share samples of free, yet valuable content as an introduction to your online course.

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Keep in mind that even after the webinar is over, there is some work to be done. Don’t forget to record the event and send replays to those who can’t make it to your live event, especially if they have already purchased tickets.

Now you know the most important things about marketing and sales through webinars. Please let us know in the comments below if you think our tips are useful.

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