Cheap Tech Gifts Under $ 50

Are you an avid techie on a budget looking for the next best gadget or do you love a particular techie and what are you doing to get it? Or maybe you’re just looking for ‘stocking stuffers’ to get your friends? There is a multitude of gadgets available on the market, and because there are so many, lucky technology for you is constantly getting cheaper. Cheap Tech Gifts Under $ 50.

Flexible USB adapters and cables

The FlexUSB ™ adapter tilts, rotates, and locks in place. FlexUSB also allows USB devices to be used with all computers, even in the worst environments. It also provides versatility for cables to reach difficult and confined spaces, requiring less than half the footprint of traditional USB cable connectors. FlexUSB also cables are available in many connector types and for USB 2.0. Cheap Tech Gifts Under $ 50.

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LED nightlight and outlet plate

Snap power is no average night light, it is an LED guide light built into the wall plate of an outlet that does not require batteries or wiring. This can save you money because it only costs about ten cents per year. Snap power is not as hot as regular night lights so it is safe for children. It turns off automatically and depends on the lighting. This is a passion not only for Tech but for the whole family.

Smart speaker

Smart speakers use AI, voice controls offer the ability for smart devices, hands-free text/calls, and more. If you make music, voice services also work, along with beam-making techniques that listen to you from any direction. Amazon Echo has also a built-in assistant named Alexa to manage your calendar, to-do list, weather forecasts, traffic information, and more. Alexa gets smarter as soon as you use it. This can also be described as “one final experience”.

Cheap Tech Gifts Under $ 50|Cheap Tech Gifts Under $ 50|Theamangupta|Theamangupta
Cheap Tech Gifts Under $ 50

Cellphone tripod mount

If you’re setting out to feel hands-free photos and videos, a cell phone tripod mount is the way to go. Ease of use, efficiency, adjustment, and portability is always useful.

But not every tripod mount adapter holder can reach out where it matters. Get them for less than $ 10:

Fake tv detent

A thief will hunt at a house they think is empty or at the very least people are sleeping. With the clever fake TV deterrent, any burglar would assume that you are home and awake and most likely will proceed to their next target.

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This can be set with a timer. If you are away, give the illusion that someone is home. This is a simple, inexpensive, and yet very practical idea that will help keep you safe at home.

Brinno PHV Digital Peephole Viewer

This smart device is a simple, cost-effective, and great solution. Normal peepholes give you a very poor view of what’s outside the door. With the Brinno PHV Digital Peephole Viewer, you get a very large, crystal clear picture on the LCD panel. The other great advantage is that, unlike traditional peepholes, the digital viewer is suitable for people of any height.

There is even a zoom feature if you cannot see clearly and an automatic switch-off after 10 minutes. Get here for as low as $ 20:

Phone power bank

Unfortunately, phones do not come with infinite battery life and charging points do not always work. But fortunately, power banks are now as common as carrying gum, and they come in every possible size, shape, capacity, and budget.

And since it’s 2018, and it’s important to be eco-friendly, then why not a solar phone charger that works, with no electricity. Check out this portable solar charger that can be placed on a fully made bag for short trips and backpacking.

Windshield projected display

The Navy is an augmented reality display that appears on the windshield transparently on the road, with the nighttime automatic visible. With the help of Google Maps Navy navigation, you can find the destination, and use offline maps, live traffic, and built-in GPS.

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