10 Free Apps for Making Photo Collages

Hello everyone. Photo collage creator applications allow you to mix photos with a choice of frame patterns on your smartphone. There are several layouts to pick from in these apps. You may post your design on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp using several of these apps. We will discuss 10 Free Apps for Making Photo Collages.

For sharing numerous photographs in one post, photo collages are beneficial. With recent advances in smartphone technology and camera technology, sharing your photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest has never been more enticing. It’s simple to put together a photo collage, and the end product is well worth the effort.

1. Layout From Instagram

This programme allows you to quickly select and rearrange photographs while also adjusting their sizes. Find your buddies in your Camera Roll with the ‘Faces’ option, then spice things up with the built-in photo booth tool. this is our first app in the list of 10 Free Apps for Making Photo Collages.

As you select photographs from your camera roll in Layout, we immediately offer you samples of bespoke layouts. We’ve also included a Faces option, which displays all of the photographs in your camera roll that involve people, making it easier to find the photos you want.

10 Free Apps for Making Photo Collages | Collages | Tannu Rani|Theamangupta

You have total artistic control from there. Drag and drag photographs to rearrange them, pinch to magnify, or pull the sides of each photo to modify its size. Then, to make amazing arrangements and mirror effects, flip and rotate your photographs.

We’ve also introduced a Photo Booth for unplanned occasions. Tap it also to start a timer and take photos that will appear in a layout right away.

2.PicsArt Photo Studio And Collage

Picsart is a user-friendly photo editor, sticker creator, collage builder, and creative sketching tool for people of all ages. Millions of people use our free photo editing app’s sophisticated features to express themselves via art all over the world. Magic effects, a Dispersion tool, millions of community-created stickers, iMessage text stickers, daily challenges, and a Remix chat are just a few of the features included in Picsart’s Studio & Collage photo editor software.

When you allow your creative juices run, great things can happen. With Picsart, the possibilities are unlimited, so no matter which editing tools you start with, we’ve got everything you’ll need to create and share amazing photos. Let’s move to third of 10 Free Apps for Making Photo Collages.

3. Pic Collage App

PicCollage gives users a lot of creative freedom because it comes with over 60 templates. Clip photographs with your finger and add photos, GIFs, and videos. By adding hats and accessories to the characters in your collage, the face detection tool adds a whole new level of fun.

Send your wacky masterpiece to friends and family by social media, text message, or email.

4. PhotoVisi

Photovisi is ideal for making a creative invitation or greeting card from your lovely collage.

Create social media banners and covers to boost your online presence, and then share them with friends and family. Photovisi is an excellent tool for making photo collages and e-cards. It’s simple to use, offers both free and premium plans, is available online, and comes in a wide range of designs.

5. Fotor Collage Maker

This programme is ideal for those who want to make collages that appear more professional. Import many photographs at the same time and then decide where to put them. HDR photography is included in Fotor to improve image quality and make your collage more appealing.

Choose from a variety of collage categories and add stickers, quirky fonts, and filters to complete your project.

6. PiZap

Users who are familiar with social networking would enjoy piZap. Make memes with their hundreds of typefaces and stock photos.

PiZap’s Facebook banner designs let you edit photographs straight from your social media posts. Allows for the creation of social networking banner and header designs. To obtain more fonts, stock pictures, themes, and extremely high resolution photos, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium version.


Canva is Wonderful platform . Because the collage formats are organised by theme, the most enticing feature of this programme is the ease with which you can choose the ideal collage type. Users can also save their designs as PDFs, JPGs, or PNGs.

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Canva also allows users to submit their own photos or buy premium stock images directly from the site. Ability to customise designs to a high level. The coolest photographs in the app are only available for a fee.

8.Adobe Sparks

There’s no reason to be intimidated by Adobe’s name. This software is easier to use than other Adobe products, and it allows you to share your collages via social media and email. To make graphics, web pages, and video storytelling, use professionally created typefaces and themes.

Additionally, your projects are automatically synced between the web and the iOS app. For free, you may make online tales and animated videos. The majority of the designs are for usage on social networking.

9. Ribbet

Users can create a collage for every occasion with hundreds of various themes. Crop, resize, and rotate your photos, then add amusing text and stickers for a more personalised look. In addition, you should fix any defects in your photos. Upload your photos to the cloud for increased convenience so you can update your collage in numerous locations and on multiple devices.
This is particularly beneficial if you’re collecting images over time, such as baby photos to commemorate your child’s first year.

Ribbet also saves your editing history, so you won’t lose track of your collage progress! Soon, Android will be supported. It is simple to use for new editors. The free version provides only the most basic functionality and is ad-supported.

10 BeFunky Collage Maker

BeFunky is ideal for consumers in search of a quick collage solution. This programme will create a collage for you automatically; all you have to do is select your photographs and voila! Users can also use a variety of template options to create their own collages.

This programme offers full screen editing and allows you to upload several photographs at once. Also, be sure to check out BeFunky’s free clipart. There’s no need to register or create an account. There are some features that are not available for free.

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