The Best DIY Home Improvement Apps of 2020

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or designing the right backyard area. It’s important to have all the necessary equipment at hand, with these convenient DIY home improvement apps you can measure, build or purchase from the store. On your smartphone.The Best DIY Home Improvement Apps of 2020.

Save time, money, and accuracy by downloading this home improvement app. Many of them will order you to contact the supply, furniture, decoration, or even professionals from the app within minutes.

With this, you will have powerful tools, amazing sources of inspiration, and much more. Whatever you will need to complete all the projects you need to do before the end of summer.

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For general repair

Easy to handle on your own if you know the smallest repairs and upgrades. Through these resources, you can learn how to do projects, and get expert suggestions. And also build tools for measurement and calculation.

Wikivo (iOS / Android):

A free how-to guide covering almost every topic, including repairs, life hacks, and other DIY projects. However, the wiki guides you through everything from ducting to the duct. Dry the shower water to install the sprinkler system. One of The Best DIY Home Improvement Apps of 2020.

DIY Tip Genius (Android):

Sometimes you get a good idea. But still, some guidance is needed on how to do it properly. This app is ideal for guidance. With over 3,800 tips in general training categories like Paint, Lawn Care, and Pattern Remodeling. Mostly the tips can make or break your project in just a few clicks.

handy Carpenter (iOS / Android):

This simple app includes 5 convenient carpenter measuring tools: plumb, surface level, bubble level, protector, and ruler. Putting these common tools in one place is very useful for DIY repairs and experienced contractors.

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Home Improvement Calculations (iOS):

With more than 250 types of calculators. You can easily determine the supply volume for all types of projects in proportion to the number of perforated stones required to fill the hole.

Full results can be viewed as decimals or fractions, and you can easily save your preferred calculations for future viewing.

Photo solution (iOS / Android):

Take photos of your home, take notes, scale, and save. These pictures are useful for you when buying furniture or talking to contractors.

For planning and painting

Trying to redecorate a room or painting it and sticking to it can be stressful. And you don’t want to waste time or money if you don’t like it. Also, These apps help you gain some insight by designing the floor layout and testing the paint colors so that you know at a glance what it will look like before settling on anything.

Floor Plan Creator (Android):

Mostly, Create a custom home for your remodel and an accurate, detailed floor plan for the design layout for each room and the entire floor of your home.

You can set size lines and modify distances and shapes, and the app will automatically calculate depth, wall, and level area. Also, add electric doors and furniture, then take a 3D tour of the house when you are sure everything is in order.

Home Design 3D (iOS / Android):

If you want to digitally map the exterior and interior of your home, this is your app to see what it will look like if you redesign it.

You can create a 3D model of your home, then test the floor plan, create a room layout in 2D, create openings and attach walls, and see what your home will look like during the day and at home. With adjustable lighting.

Project Colors – Home Depot (iOS / Android):

Find colors and color trends, mix and match colors and experiment with colors before buying combinations.

See what your favorite paint colors look like in the app’s preview room, or see your photos using augmented reality. If you like what you see, click to purchase paint directly from your local Home Depot store through the app.

Benjamin Moore’s Paint Works (iOS / Android):

Forget the patterns! Take a look at the company’s hundreds of colors and once you like a color you can experiment with it to see what it will look like in your home. Just take a photo of the room you want to paint in, then tap on the wall and the app will overlay the color.

For landscaping

It is a desirable thing to entertain and design a beautiful landscape patio in your garden. These apps are perfect for designing plants and supplies to go to your yard or your entire yard before heading to a home improvement store.

Outdoors (iOS):

You can tap and drag the app’s 700 hand-drawn elements to create the perfect garden or landscape design for the entire tunic.

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