Our Top 5 Help Queries and How to Solve Them

Our Top 5 Help Queries and How to Solve Them

If you learn anything by being an agent, customers will seek help as soon as possible. I look forward to any service I can sign up for or pay for myself! So to help make this process faster and easier for our customers. We thought we could add another layer to this series of blogs . By posting our top support questions.

If blogs do not do this for you, we also have our support website and you can always contact us directly. Our Round-the-World team is ready to assist you during local work . And when you find your questions make sure they are almost resolved!

Here are our top 5 support queries and some tips on how to fix them:

1. I did not receive my GlobalSign Certificate

If your certificate is ordered by a reseller, you should contact them directly. However, if you order your certificate directly through GlobalSign, your certificate is still vetted.

You have a rigorous vetting process that ensures. That you are who you really are and that you do not plan to use your certificate for malicious purposes. The length of the vet varies between certificate type and many other factors. But you can usually expect anywhere between 5 minutes to 5 days.

If you feel you have been waiting too long, you can contact the vet team in your area. You will need your order number and domain name as well as request that your order be expedited.

The most common reason for not being able to find your certificate in your GCC account . Is that the correct tab at the top of your account is not available.

Gcc tab queries

When you are in the right tab, click on ‘Search Order History’, ‘Search’ to identify your certificate (without entering any details, all orders appear in timeline) and query number sequence. Next to ‘Edit’, see Certificate Details / Work.

Make sure you are logged in as an administrator or user, which is dictated by the actions of the certificate, which vary depending on the type of user permissions you have.

. My approval email did not arrive

A common reason why customers do not receive our approval email is because your mail server is blocking our IP address. If you can configure your service that identifies our IP, you can request that we return the approval email. To get a list of IPs from Global Sign, please contact our support team.

Approval email also goes to your spam folder, so it’s worth checking out there as well.
And then “Return approval mail”.

5. I received the following error message:

“Sorry the approval challenge did not succeed. Please contact support for assistance. “
This error message occurs when the command has already been approved. The link is valid for one use only so this error will appear if you click the link a second time.

If so, we recommend that you do the following:

Check your inbox (and even spam) for a Global Sign Email with a certificate.
If it is an AutoCSR command, download your certificate to your GCC account.
Contact your purchaser to request that your certificate be sent to you.
If you have a Client (Non-SSL) Certificate, you will need to contact Vetting.
Because of our top 5 support issues, the answers are very basic, but we hope that in the next few months we can bring you more questions so that we can find solutions to your issues quickly and easily.

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