Great YouTube Channels To Learn Graphic Designing

Behind every logo, ad, or user interface (UI) you see is a graphic design. Graphic designing is an integral part of the digital world and there is so much to learn. There are some Great YouTube Channels To Learn Graphic Designing on your own.

If you wish to visit this channel, then you need to offer some tips and a great YouTube channel.

And for clarity, we cover design-focused channels here, not photo editing. These skills are easily confused if you are new to them. (And some events may be part of both)

But, as we said before, while design focuses on things like logos and UIs, image editing is all about improving and refining images. Even if you are interested in photo editing, there are many ways to help you.

Finally, let’s talk a little bit about software.

There are many options for design-focused programs and it is not possible to find a comprehensive YouTube channel.

But most design programs have a very similar UI, so some basic information can be transferred between them. (And of course, the principle of making a good logo universal) We can also help if you need help deciding on a program.

So without further delay, let’s take a look. – education channel for Graphic designing is a general educational channel but they have a 6-episode series that covers the basics of graphic design, a must-start for young designers.

Great YouTube Channels to Learn Graphic Design from|Graphic Design|Theamangupta|Theamangupta
YouTube Channel

This kit includes basic branding, color printing, layout, and general illustrations. These videos will make it easier for you to enter the world of graphic design and teach you some basic things you need to know.

General Note on graphic designing: Patterson

Once you have learned the basics you will need more general knowledge to summarize your set of skills.

Fortunately for you, Will Patterson uploads three videos per week for advice on graphic designing, general topics, or software and hardware.

No matter what platform or program you’re using, you’ll find some more in Will’s videos. Let’s explore some more of Great YouTube Channels To Learn Graphic Designing.

Unique Adobe Effects:

Yes, I am a designer.

Adobe Suite (primarily Illustrator) is a common tool among graphic designers.

So if you want to bite a bullet and try to hop on an Adobe train outside the door, yes, I’m a designer, here are some specific tricks you can pull off to create great looking graphics.

If you want to create a custom brush in Illustrator or create a neon effect in Photoshop or take a tutorial on the layout, this channel covers you.

Adobe Suite Guide: Satori Graphics

This is another channel to assist you with Adobe software. You’ll find videos to help you navigate Adobe Illustrator to cover specific tools and see plugins.

The video is more in-depth with the design process than the name suggests, with tips on brand research and motivation.

Although the channel focuses primarily on Adobe products, there are videos for other programs, such as the latest in a free design program.

Best for Inkscape users: Nick’s logo

Inkscape is a great design program that is both free and open source. It’s free, it easily matches premium design software with its features, fully representing the channel logo by Nick.

Want an overview of the latest updates?\

Want to create a custom brush?

Or just want to create a great looking message?

Nick has covered everything – he has 15 minutes deeper than Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape.

You can also find design tutorials for GIMP (another free open source program). But pay more attention to image editing here)

Speed ​​in graphic designing: Tiptat

Tiptoot will open a new world of design for you. Creating static logos and artwork is one thing.

But what about motion graphics and animation?

These are valuable skills and TipTut will help you find your way with an excellent set of lessons.

Learn the basics of animation in Adobe Chetan, watch the approximately 4-hour introductory course on animation design, or just a description of the characters. If you are interested in this part of the design world, TipTut is just your place.

Funny new graphic design: Kyle Lauren

To wrap up our list, we want to end with a more relaxed niche. Kyle Lauren cannot focus on learning techniques or effects related to your channel. But just having a logo or some other random design is a great time.

You can browse her creations even if she is left behind.

Video is a long party. But with good assembly and humor they are always included, so just grab a snack, sit back and check out her redesigned Girl Scout cookie packaging.

For graphic design software : click here

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