Activities To Perform On Independence Day

Hello Readers. Firstly a very Happy Independence Day To All Of You. We are proud of being Indian. The 15th of August is remembered as a significant day in our history. On this day, 200 years of British rule finally gave India what it had long craved. Every Indian feels happy to celebrate August 15, 1947, as their Independence Day. Our country’s flag was raised at the Red Fort for the first time on this day. As a result, India observes this Day as a national holiday each year. For the sake of bringing independence to their motherland, many brave freedom warriors gave their lives. We will discuss Activities To Perform On Independence Day.

Activities To Perform On Independence Day|Jai Hind|Tannu Rani|Theamangupta
Jai Hind

Importance Of Independence Day

This Day is significant because it provides an opportunity for every Indian to remember. And express thanks to the wonderful men and women whose selfless efforts. And incomparable achievements secured our freedom. The names of a few of these outstanding leaders are worthy of notice. In addition to numerous other well-known figures, including Mahatma Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, Sardar Patel, Khudiram Bose, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Bhagat Singh, and others.

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Every Indian values Independence Day as a significant day in their lives. It makes us think of the great role models who served as the cornerstone for the forefathers’ goal of a free India. It helps us recognize that our ancestors have fulfilled their fair share of obligations. And now it is up to us to determine how to shape and mold the nation’s destiny. They also successfully performed their assigned role. The nation now looks up to us for how we are playing our part.

Independence Day Activities To Perform

All public and private institutions, including schools and colleges, moreover, mark Independence Day with great honor. Students march in parades and sing the National Anthem when the National Flag is raised. Some historic structures have also been specially adorned with lights that represent the notion of independence. On this day, special initiatives, including planting trees, are undertaken. Young minds are filled with feelings of nationalism and patriotism. Competitions in sports and the arts are held to commemorate the event, and the victors receive rewards. Everyone receives a sweet treat. At every corner, one can hear patriotic music. Let’s move to the first of the few Activities To Perform On Independence Day.

Flag Hoisting

The prime minister raises the Indian flag at the Red Fort on July 4 every year. It’s a wonderful opportunity to instill pride in them for our nation, and since they may participate in this activity with other kids in the neighborhood, it fosters a sense of community. The Indian Prime Minister hoists the flag on August 15 in recognition of Independence Day. India gained its independence on August 15, although the country’s constitution was not put into effect until after that day. Despite being the legitimate head of state, the President wasn’t in his official position at the time.

Relive The Excitement Of The Day

In order for us to live in a free nation today, our forebears also had to fight and suffer. We must preserve the memories and tales from earlier eras while instilling in our kids a sense of pride in the magnificent country to which they belong. Although it grants us rights, freedom also comes with a great deal of responsibility for becoming decent citizens. Gandhiji taught us that, in addition to working hard, everything we do should be done with consideration for the needs and feelings of others. In a nation like ours, our responsibility should be to be helpful to those who are less fortunate than ourselves in order to give our lives meaning. The next on the list of Activities To Perform On Independence Day is Dramas Performed To Revive History And Culture.

Activities To Perform On Independence Day|Relieve The Feel|Tannu Rani|Theamangupta
Relieve The Feel

Dramatize A Little Patriotic

Putting together plays or skits with the kids is another entertaining thing you may do with them on July 4th. Bring to life some of the most cherished events and stories associated with India’s freedom by gathering a group of young performing aficionados.

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It would be a smart idea to use projectors in huge school auditoriums or halls to show a patriotic movie on the big screen. Pick films that depict the spirit of fraternity in achieving their objectives as well as crucial events that helped pave the way for freedom. After the movie, you might have an interesting discussion where kids can also express their understanding or opinions about what they saw.

Competition In Fancy Dress

For beginning middle school and high school kids, this is a tremendously fascinating activity that may be extremely stimulating. In this unique fancy dress contest, kids can dress like freedom fighters. To make the practice more interesting, they can even use unusual artifacts, such as Mahatma Gandhi’s glasses and walking stick, Subhash Chandra Bose’s headgear, and a rose for Nehru. Kids in the audience as well as the participants will undoubtedly feel a sense of patriotism as a result of this.

Independence Day Quiz

Kids will be quite interested in participating in quiz contests, and a special Independence Day quiz can be even more engaging. The answers to the questions may be based on historical events, freedom fighters, notable occasions in the struggle for freedom, significant dates, and much more. Kids can take the quiz individually, in pairs, or in groups, and enticing prizes can be announced beforehand to add to the excitement.

Activities To Perform On Independence Day|Enriched Culture And Music|Tannu Rani|Theamangupta
Enriched Culture And Music

Sing Along To Nationalistic Music And Movies

Check out this playlist of some of the day’s most popular songs that were made just for the family. There are several timeless hits included. Watch a bunch of fun patriotic movies together as a family! Indeed, happy Fourth of July. This is a fun activity that could add color to the festivities.

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Kids might use this occasion to reenact any famous historical event that exhibits patriotic sentiments. Teachers might take advantage of this opportunity to encourage students to examine historical events more closely.

Adorable Crafts And Rangoli

These simple DIY craft projects are great for celebrating Independence Day with your children and may be prepared with supplies you already have around the house or even in your backyard. Baking is awesome, and when you get to do it with kids, it turns into a really enjoyable hobby. A mixture of limestone, rice, flower petals, and other materials is used to create patterns in the art form called rangoli on a surface. You can purchase pre-made colors from the market to create the designs. Plan a Rangoli-design competition in your school using Independence Day-related themes.

Bring Some Colour To The Celebrations

Encourage children to compile worksheets, pictures, and other materials on India and Independence Day to make their own scrapbooks. The subjects may cover the national anthem, flag, symbols, and freedom warriors, among many others. You can either set this up as a game or a contest, rewarding the kids who create the most attractive and useful scrapbooks. To celebrate Independence Day, you may download these printable drawing sheets and color them to bring them to life. Drawing and painting are also excellent activities to do with children.

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