7 Reasons To Use Digital Certificate For Mobile Authentication

Mobile devices have changed the way businesses work, keeping companies and employees connected, whether in the office or on the road. How can IT know which devices are trusted? However, We will discuss 7 Reasons To Use Digital Certificate For Mobile Authentication.

From an employer’s perspective, trust management for mobile environments is in principle similar to how IT departments maintain trust with corporate machines. Also IT departments use enterprise software management tools to manage software and applications, and the Active Directory to establish user role settings and policies.

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Most companies do not allow employees to download any software or application for free on their corporate machines. Nor do they allow employees to bring their laptops from home and access all corporate networks and data. You can access your email from your computer at home . But also you can not access all corporate data and networks.

7 Reasons To Use Digital Certificate For Mobile Authentication|Mobile Authentication|Theamangupta
Digital Certificate

Reason 1: Secure email access

Securely authenticate your email to employees for increased productivity, without leaving insecure email accounts for intruders. If digital credentials are enabled for authentication, only authorized devices can access your corporate email server.

Reason 2: Email encryption and authentication

Digital credentials on mobile devices also allow you to encrypt and digitally sign email communications sent from employees to devices. To ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information, and to minimize proof of message source and against phishing attacks.

Reason 3: Secure wi-fi

Want to jump cell phone on your corporate Wi-Fi? Just like you can put a computer on Wi-Fi, you can limit what devices can access your Wi-Fi by placing a digital certificate on a mobile device. This is the fourth of 7 Reasons To Use Digital Certificate For Mobile Authentication.

Reason 4: Vpn access

Change weak and vulnerable usernames and passwords with multi-factor authentication for corporate VPN connections. Only approved devices with properly configured credentials can access your organization connection.

As you can see, certificates for mobile devices are multidimensional, meaning you can use the same certificate for a variety of authentication and encryption paths.

Why choose a digital certificate for mobile?

As with most security solutions, companies must stop before implementing aggressive, expensive and all-encompassing solutions. Employees should be able to use their corporate email and data. But if you find accessing this information too challenging, they will definitely be

1. Improving the user experience

The last time you entered a complex password (using different characters to increase security) on your mobile device and it was actually corrected the first time? Between auto-correcting and fat fingering it is not so easy; Consumers are equally prone to mistakes and frustration. There is also the problem of memorizing very complex passwords. Depending on the number of applications used by the average employee, it is almost inevitable for employees to reuse or rewrite passwords (any of these are good security best practices).

2. BYOD friendly

Digital certificates work well in BYOD for employees and employers. They help maintain consumer privacy while maintaining control over corporate networks and data. The company can withdraw the certificate only if the equipment is lost, stolen, or the employee leaves the company.

4. Most PKIs are already in use

With this in mind, extending PKI to mobile devices is much easier than spending time integrating new technology and services. Most companies can obtain certifications directly from their preferred certification authority. This means less time learning the new system, setting up new policies and training staff.

5. Increased security

Password databases are stolen and frequently attacked, and passwords are often misused. Increase security as an authentication method and reduce reliance on passwords. Certificates are not subject to attack and you will not share certificates with a coworker.

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