5 Apps To Watch Korean Dramas Online

Hello Readers. Indians adore Korean dramas and films, especially since the beginning of the pandemic last year. Netflix claims that from 2019 to 2020, K-Drama viewing in India climbed by more than 370 percent. The K-Drama and K-Movie mania began about ten years ago in the northeastern parts of India during the CD and DVD era. We will discuss 5 Apps To Watch Korean Dramas Online.

The popularity of Korean films and TV shows is rising. Every day, there are fresh premieres, which for a very long time brought millions of viewers of Asian TV shows to the screen. Everyone will discover their preferred genre. It comprises youthful comedies and love melodramas, vivid fantasy with a twisted narrative, complex detective stories, and criminal intrigues.

5 Apps To Watch Korean Dramas Online|Drama Movies|Tannu Rani|Theamangupta
Korean Drama

We’ve compiled a list of the top K-drama apps for 2021 to spare you the time and money of checking out these various applications.

With the top Korean streaming applications, you may view them on your smartphone. With these applications, which have English subtitles on their movies, you can still watch Korean shows no matter where you are from or where you live.


Such a simple software, yet currently Netflix is a massive company that creates every second TV show, and, to be honest, those films and shows are quite gripping. As a result of this company’s recent decision to enter the Asian market, a large number of excellent Korean films and television episodes are now available on Netflix.

You must download the app and set up an account to gain access, though. The app will recommend a subscription plan for you to choose from after verifying your age and personality. Divided among friends or family, a shared plan is very advantageous and nearly free. This is the first of 5 Apps To Watch Korean Dramas Online.

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However, you can still get a free month of Netflix if you choose a single-person plan. Spend the time exploring the platform to discover the most intriguing Korean films and television programs.

Entering the titles into the search bar will allow you to find movies and TV shows. The program will start offering recommendations after some time depending on your choices. You can select the language (including the original language) in which you want to view a film or television program, as well as the quality and the addition of subtitles.

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This application is ideal for you if you enjoy Korean television. You will always have access to all of your favorite shows with this application. This is the first app of 5 Apps To Watch Korean Dramas Online.

One of the biggest online cinemas that broadcast Korean programming is Viki Rakuten. You can easily and quickly access the selection of top movies and TV shows here. Your favorite movies and TV series can be chosen with the aid of a specific application algorithm. Later, you can include it in your collection. Finding the required information in the app is made very simple by the search function. Finding the required program takes just a few seconds.

Users of iOS and Android can download it for free.

Korean TV

A unique application called Korean TV offers tens of thousands of top-notch Korean programs. No advertising is present, With a variety of subtitle options and video quality, watch your favorite movies and TV shows, Additionally, the application offers content downloads for the internet.

5 Apps To Watch Korean Dramas Online|Korean Stars|Tannu Rani|Theamangupta
Korean Drama Stars

The application offers a helpful recommendations system. Watch movies, TV series, and other shows, then rate or review them. This will assist the software in providing you with a compelling selection of videos. You won’t ever miss the premiere of a new season of your favorite TV show with the Korean TV app.

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The application’s registration process takes a few minutes. You must enter the application using a social network or provide your email address. You can access content from several devices by using your profile. The “live” category of the application is for users who wish to stay up to date with the most exciting events. Feature privileged live broadcasts of performances and television programs. You may find exclusive footage and the most recent information on Korean TV programs in the Korean TV app. Every day, the catalog is refreshed.

Users of iOS and Android can download it for free.


Viu is another well-liked K-drama app. It stands apart since it focuses mostly on Asian-themed movies and TV shows. Therefore, in addition to K-dramas, it also has content in Chinese, Japanese, and even Filipino.

Users appreciate Viu because it makes it possible for them to see their stuff for free. We don’t typically get that anymore.

You may view a few adverts and still enjoy your K-drama content if you have a free subscription. However, the premium subscription is for you if you want to watch the movie or series straight now.

Web TV

You should think about We TV, a relatively new K-drama app. Beyond Korean episodes, this app offers a huge selection of other series. Only accessible in multiple languages, its website is also user-friendly.

Redesigned improvements have recently been added, including a new UI interface for both online and offline use. More speed settings have also been added. Depending on your tastes and connection, you can also change the video quality.

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