Skilled labor is the foundation of the company.

But have you ever struggled to find the right employees?

Don’t worry if you have it, you are not alone. Talent acquisition and employees with skills shortages are becoming a growing problem for many businesses. We are going to discuss some hacks and studies related to managing and improving skills shortages.

According to Manpower Group’s latest 2018 Talent Shortage (Skills Shortage) Study:- Many employers are struggling to fill open jobs. Forty-five percent of global businesses polled said they were unable to find skilled employees. This is up from 40 percent in 2017 and the highest rate in a decade.

Even more worrying is that companies in the United States are having trouble hiring more than 46% of skilled workers. And this is in addition to 46% of US businesses reporting that they try to find the right employees.

Increase productivity, efficiency, and future growth All these factors have overcome the shortage of best talent since 2006. “

Do not think that it will not affect you just because you are a big company. Studies have shown that large companies (more than 250 employees) have twice as much difficulty filling roles as smaller companies.

More than 67% of large firms reported difficulty in hiring skilled workers, compared with 56% of small businesses (50–250 employees), 45% of small businesses, and 32% of small businesses.

However, all is not lost. Changing the way human resources and procurement find skilled workforce, as well as potential talent leverage, can help improve access to industry-leading talent. 4 WAYS TO SURVIVE A SKILLS SHORTAGE IN YOUR INDUSTRY are now good to understand.


Here are four ways your business can cope with a skilled labor shortage:

Skills shortage Tip 1 –

Rethink your current recruitment guidelines

If a skills shortage becomes a serious concern for your business, then it may be time for you to discover and recruit new hires. This may mean casting the talent by hiring the right skilled candidates to hire.

Alternatively, you may need your top talent by hiring a managed service provider like HCM Works. Using MSP programs can help you bypass workforce restrictions, improve coverage during peak development, and quickly gain top talent.

Skills shortage Tip 2 –

Take advantage of potential employees

One of the easiest ways to deal with the problem of hiring during a skills shortage is to leverage the potential labor force. This workforce includes contractors, consultants, and independent staff who can quickly and cost-effectively fill any gaps in your business.

4 WAYS TO SURVIVE A SKILLS SHORTAGE IN YOUR INDUSTRY|Skill Shortage|Theamangupta|Theamangupta
Skills Shortage

These highly trained staffs have the expertise, flexibility, and ability to provide specific services to you for a specific period or a specific project. This group of employees is very large, accounts for about 40% of the total workforce in the United States, and works in almost every industry, which means that there are a large number of workers who meet your needs.

Skills shortage Tip 3 –

Partners with educational facilities

The possibility of collaborating with a local or national educational institution may open up the recruitment of new skilled staff, although they may not have previous experience. But they are well trained. Educational facilities can help with job openings for graduates, as well as offer your company potential interns, associate students, and interns looking for job titles. The result of this is that you can develop your next generation of skilled labor.

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Skills shortage Tip 4 –

4 – More Flexible

With more competitive employment, workers have more power to decide which organization to work for. Questions about salary, location, work environment, and team culture are becoming more important and they all have an impact on the jobs that skilled employees accept.

Maybe your business is more flexible. Long and hard thinking about job location, where to be? Can you afford to pay more for your contractor because you save money for full-time employees? By having more flexibility in how you work and how you pay your employees, you can push your talent to the top talent.

The shortage of skilled workers can seem frightening. But there is a solution that can help your company meet top talent. Changing the way you look and find your employees can make a big change in the way your company moves forward.

Changing job markets and coming up with innovative solutions to recruit talent can make your business a success.

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